This page is named CacheControlNoCache.html, and was sent with the response header Cache-Control: no-cache. This header is part of the HTTP/1.1 standard, but is not intended to influence whether a response is cached to persistent storage or not. Instead, it simply requires that a client must first revalidate a cached document with the server before reusing it to satisfy a future request. However, Internet Explorer 9 and earlier interpreted Cache-Control: no-cache as equivalent to Cache-Control: no-store. No other browsers recognize the Cache-Control: no-cache header for this purpose, and with the exception of those browsers that do not cache HTTPS content at all, will write this page to the disk cache. Exception: like Cache-Control: no-store Internet Explorer 8 and earlier ignore Cache-Control: no-cache when a server (including this one) downgrades to HTTP/1.0.